the app for getting your life together

A new kind of productivity app to help you tackle your toughest and most ambitious goals, explore new ideas and make difficult decisions

tackle your most ambitious goals

Make your goals seem less monumental and vague by thinking of the steps required to achieve them and working on one at a time.

Stay on top of all
your goals

Get inspiration &


One step
at a time

save and organise ideas

Save all your big ideas and quick thoughts throughout the day.

Quickly save your
important ideas

Put your progress
into perspective

visualise your hardest decisions

Make big decisions more manageable by visualising the impact of each option on the parts of your life you care most about.

Add your choices and the aspects of your life they’ll impact

Rate how each aspect will be impacted and visualise the options

Facts & Questions

Why isn’t this app free?

Unlike other apps that will try to force an unnecessary subscription model, sell your data or bombard you with ads, Thrive opts for a more honest business model where you pay once and you get everything forever.

Is iCloud sync supported?

Yes, Thrive does support iCloud sync, but it's an optional feature. Turning sync on will store your data in your iCloud Documents folder and then all your devices that are signed in with the same iCloud account will stay in sync.

Isn’t this similar to a reminders app?

Thrive is aimed at your big goals and your tough decisions. Reminders apps are great for simple tasks like buying something or messaging a colleague but they are one of the worst ways to handle big goals. Chances are that if you set a reminder now, you won’t have the time you thought you'll have, the energy or predisposition for it when it comes time to do it.

So for Goals, thrive gives you a better format for constantly working on your goals, examples to help you figure out how to achieve them or the option to focus on a goal for a fixed time. It also offers a way to visualise difficult Decisions, save Ideas and more.

What devices does this run on?

The app works on any iOS device running iOS 11 or newer.

What else do I need to know?

A lot of work went into making this app, but it cannot do the work for you. It offers a framework for staying on top of your goals, organising your ideas and making decisions, but it can’t solve your problems automatically. You’ll have to think hard (with some help) about new ideas and goals, you’ll have to bring your best and stay determined.